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cocciacostumier spreads herself over several genres of design.

A years submersion in Kent countryside has inspired extreme amounts of laborious handsewing and the long awaited start of lacemaking evening classes. Coralline Swansong emerged - a collection of five interactive, five untouchable and three miniature costumes. Fine entertainment was enjoyed in Mascalls Gallery in June of this year as hundreds of pupils, teachers and public dressed in coral inspired clothing. See a selection in Performance Costume.

To escape from the solitude of a large but cluttered studio, it is a welcome break to spread out into the community. Residencies at Armadale, Bathgate Academy and Mascalls have led to both the spread of textile mess and some millinery and costume making skills. Full admiration for all the teachers encountered, much enjoyed encouraging new skills, getting the boys to sew and the girls false nails covered in latex and plaster… See community arts.

Pleasure has beed gained by childlike frolics with Hopscotch Theatre Company. Luminosity reigned, as cocciacostumier's studio was transformed into pantomime production, historical reproduction, sweaty nessie monsters and sci-fi. With the invaluable help of tolerant costume assistant Vicky Young and, for pantomime, lovely queenie Isabella, much cavorting in white rabbits, legomen and the infamous hopscotch breeches, took place.

In a need to dress as many people as possible, cocciacostumier sometimes finds it necessary to sew them in, or provide an interactive costume so that the public can be tempted into performance (see Coming To Our Senses and Please Dress in performance costume). On occasions, cocciacostumier has herself been cajoled into performances, largely courtesy of spotov without whom life would be quite dull.

Made to measure is where tailoring gets an airing. C.C. has rescued some of Scotlands finest ladies from meringue-land and provided wedding dresses with a 1930's bias or a cinched corset waist and voluminous (though not meringue-worthy) skirt. She has tailored suits for the fine Mr. Prentice and collaborated with Elaine Boyd to make elegant wheelchair rain mac and corset.

Metacorpus (aka corpses to some senior members of the Cocciadiferro clan…) undertook two shows and numerous workshops, in an attempt to redress the power balance in the theatre and equalise everyone's importance. Established by Chloë Dear, Jeanette Sendler and Anna Cocciadiferro, musicians, set and lighting designers, performers and costume makers used costume as the starting point, developing work on the themes of positive ageing, migration, foetal hearing and the anatomy of the ear. See performance costume

Inspired by the flighty Jennifer Paterson, C.C. has been dabbling in aerial frocks and combinations. silks are surrendered to the necessity of lycra; the rewards of such a sacrifice are sufficient. Look to Theatre for the lady, and several more who spin and whorl.




Much of the exquisite photography on this website is due to the photography of C S Stevens, who never fails to accomodate last minute requests of urgent high quality documentation. Endless thanks to her ability to arrive at a moments notice, and transform a front room into a photography studio, working tirelessly to ensure the perfect picture.